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Sailaway mini bunting!

Sailaway mini bunting!

Sailaway mini bunting!

Use this template to string up a length of mini bunting in no time! Print onto the back of colored or patterned paper or card, cut out and fold the flaps over the string before gluing down. Alternatively, print onto card and cut out as templates for children to use to draw around.

You can personalise the bunting by writing a letter in each flag to spell out a family name or simply doodle in the triangles!

This bunting is perfectly matched in size to the one found on our new Sailaway Boat. This wonderful boat is new for 2021 and a very exciting part of our Merrywood Tales collection.

Best friends Bubble and Squeak are on top deck, enjoying the views. With two fabric sales and the stylish bunting, these two friends have the coolest boat in the harbour!

Check them out here plus watch them in action on our YouTube channel.