Hello July and hello ice creams! – Tender Leaf Toys Canada
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Hello July and hello ice creams!

Hello July and hello ice creams!

Hello July and hello ice creams!

We love the month of July here at Tender Leaf! The warmer and longer days mean even more reason to eat some of our favorite treats… ice cream and ice lollies! We adore these frozen goodies so much we’ve now got no less than 4 toys featuring them: Ice Cream CartIce Lolly ShopPenguin’s Gelato Van and new for 2021, Scoops and Smiles!

To get you in the mood for these icy treats, we’ve got a free coloring activity you can print out today (Download here). Our quirky gelato ice cream van is driven by a couple of pesky penguins who need your help coloring them in please. So grab your pencil and felt tips and get arty! 

If you want to take this activity further, the vans can be cut out and stuck together to make your very own 2D ice cream van! You can even stick them on either side of an empty tissue box, then use the hole in the top of the box to pop your ice lollies and ice creams you’ve made from previous Tender Leaf printable crafts. Or wooden toy lollies if you have any!

We'd love to see the finished results so please share using the #tenderleaf hashtag! Enjoy!