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Babyccinos and biscuits!

Babyccinos and biscuits!

Babyccinos and biscuits!

Did you know that babyccinos were first created in Australian coffee shops in the 1990s? A fun mini drink for children to enjoy and pretend to be like their parents as they enjoy their big coffees. It’s made entirely of foamed milk and served in an espresso cup with chocolate powder sprinkled on the top. Marshmallows are sometimes added too and often consumed with biscuits, yum!

We’ve designed some extra cute biscuits to go with your pretend play coffee shop today! This is a super simple activity with hours of play fun and all your need to do is print out this page, stick onto card then carefully cut around the outside line. We stuck ours onto corrugated cardboard so that our play biscuits have a lovely thick edge and last longer. All you need to do now is grab your pretend play coffee cups and plates ready to dunk those biscuits!

Download here

These biscuits are from our new Tender Leaf Babyccino coffee machine. We added happy faces to the cups and biscuits for extra cuteness and it’s perfect for pretend playing. Children can pick a flavour from the drinking pod tray and enjoy making that perfect mini coffee. Made from sustainable rubberwood and responsibly sourced plywood.