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We love a pizza party!

We love a pizza party!

We love a pizza party!

Seeing as we're all missing parties at the moment, why not throw your own pretend play pizza party this weekend with our fun, free activity! Print out our free invites here and hand out to your friends ready to come to your pretend play pizza party! Ask your guests to choose their pizza choice by ticking the options on the invite, then you’re ready to go!

This activity celebrates the launch of our brand new Pizza Party toy! Where you can create your own pizza and get it delivered in our very own Tender Leaf illustrated pizza box! Pre-cut into 6 slices and arranged on a pizza tray, have fun arranging twelve different toppings. All the toppings are inter-changeable and held in place by a small velcro spot, perfect for quality pretend play games for all ages, even big kids! Check it out on our YouTube channel

For more creative pizza play here’s a wonderful pizza oven made entirely from junk modelling with cardboard boxes from the wonderful team at Cbeebies BBC channel:

Make a pizza oven!  And a very beautiful pizza craft from the talented Handmade Charlotte: Beautiful diy pizza