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Make a mini Christmas Tree!

Make a mini Christmas Tree!

Make a mini Christmas Tree!

We’ve created a mini Christmas tree for you to make with beautiful illustrations from our Stacking Fir Tree Toy. It’s a super simple craft and all your need to do to make yours is print out the free template here, then grab the following items:

Toilet roll
Chocolate coin wrappers
Plain card
Brown paint or brown pen

First, you will need to carefully cut out the tree from the printout and stick it onto the plain card. Next, color your toilet roll with brown paint or pen and once dry, cut two slits into the top part of the toilet roll about 2 cm deep. You can now slot your tree into your tree stand and start decorating!

We used chocolate coin wrappers to create some miniature baubles for our tree, but you could use sequins or leave it plain. Now all you need are some miniature presents to put under your tree! Check out our blog posts for how to make dolls house presents and Christmas decor.