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Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa

It’s time to write that special letter to Santa! Print out our Letter to Santa printable, then cut along the dotted line so you can start making a list of the presents you would like to receive on Christmas Day! We’ve even left space for you to color and decorate it. Then all you need to do is send it to the North Pole!

It has been a Christmas tradition for many years for children to write letters to Santa. There are now many ways to receive a reply from the North Pole including local post offices and toy stores. It used to be the tradition that children left their letter by the fireplace and it would be taken overnight to the North Pole. So fear not if you've missed the deadline for your local North Pole delivery!

We have a selection of curated toys ideal for stocking fillers if Santa needs any help in your house! These include our Rainmaker, Wooden Eggs, Safari Binoculars and Forest Tunnels.

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