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Make a May Day Basket!

Make a May Day Basket!

Make a May Day Basket!

Did you know the first day of May is known as “May Day” and has been a time to celebrate the coming of Summer for hundreds of years especially in the Northern Hemisphere? Some of the British celebrations include Morris Dancing, crowning of a May Queen, and of course, dancing around a Maypole, (as spotted in our Finding Wonder in May illustration below).

Our brand new Rosewood Cottage comes with the cutest artwork that we just had used to decorate our May Day Basket. So why not celebrate all things May and make this pretty basket then find some flowers to pop inside it!

To make yours print out this page twice then cut out the shapes below using the black line as a guide. You will need 2 triangles and one strip for the handle. Next use glue, double-sided tape or staples to join the 2 triangles together, keeping the top open. Next attach the handle! Ta-dah!

The new Rosewood Cottage can be carried to be played with anywhere. Decorated on all sides with beautiful wildflowers, and two cut out windows which allow the flower stems to run through creating a magical woodland meadow. The back panel lies flat to become a garden, on to which can be placed a pretty swing, two flowers, and a toadstool. Plus all the dolls have their names printed underneath! Cute!