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Cogs and Gears

Cogs and Gears

Cogs and Gears

Toddlers are constantly in motion and as they play, they can explain why and how things move the way they do and begin to compare those movements with other objects and activities. Cogs and gears are a perfect way to explore this further and allow little ones some hand-to-eye coordination whilst learning about cause and effect.

To expand your child’s fascination with cogs and gears further check out this great learning resource which includes and free print out activity to try with your child where they can (with your help!) build their own little cogs and gears which really move! Check it out here.

The Tender Leaf Snail Swirls Toy has been designed with all this in mind too. Developed for little hands and manual dexterity. Toddlers can twist and turn the colorful wooden cogs and wheels to see them all move in unison. 6 removable cogs and gears to match and turn on the colorful snail base plus the cogs are all removable and all interlock so that when you turn one the others turn just like a real machine! Suitable for 18 months+ and available to buy here.

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