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Space Race Fun!

Space Race Fun!

Space Race Fun!

Space races have been happening since we first ventured into the cosmos. From the 20th-century competition between the Soviet Union and the United States to the most recent commercial, billionaire’s space race. So our new buildable wooden rockets had to be named Space Race in honor of them!

Part of our Rocket Construction range, these futuristic space vehicles are made from three parts each so that they can be deconstructed and rebuilt into whacky racers. Several small parts are attached with small plastic clips and these can be used to coordinate with the robots and the rocket construction sets.

Plus we’ve created a free printable so you can make your very own space race mobile to hang in your room or window! All you need to do is print out the page, then carefully cut along the dotted lines and arrange the pieces as shown in our example below.

Next place ribbon between the pieces and glue together as shown in our photos here. If you don’t have any ribbon you can use strips of paper joined together or a piece of string.

We also recommend gluing the printout onto some card first to make it super sturdy. You could add some glitter to it too for a magical stardust sparkle! Now it’s then ready to hang in your bedroom so you can have your very own space race!

Watch this neat animation of our new Space Race wooden toy on our YouTube channel here.