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Make your own pet!

Make your own pet!

Make your own pet!

Did you know that not only is January Walk Your Dog month but that in lockdowns worldwide, demand for pets have soared? The benefits of having a pet, especially in times like this, have been proven to boost physical, mental and emotional health.

Not everyone is able to own a pet and children are often ask for one, so we’ve created a little print out cat and dog for you to create your very own family pet!

Simply print out the artwork page below and stick your print out onto to card before cutting it out to make your pets super sturdy! Next color in the animals, carefully cut along the dotted lines then fold along the fold lines on their bodies and stick the back of the heads onto the top part of the fold. Now all your need to do is give your pets names!


If you want to take this pretend play further, you could sketch out extra items your pets might want, for example food bowls, pet food, pet toys etc Draw them onto plain card and cut them out for your child to play with as well. We used thick brown cardboard from boxes so ours could stand up!
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