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Make a musical crown!

Make a musical crown!

Make a musical crown!

Celebrate the start of the summer holidays by making a beautiful Woodland Crown featuring artwork from our Musical Table! 

Click here to download, carefully cut along the black lines then add glue to the ends of each rainbow strip (depending how large you need it), then attach them to the crown. 

Now you’re ready to wear your crown whilst you play your instruments! We’ve left some white space on the crowns so you can add some woodland doodles too!

The new Tender Leaf Musical Table enables you to create your own band of forest sounds! Musical notes roll off the xylophone and the mushroom bell tops jingle as you hit them with your acorn stick. Bang the tree trunk drums, blow through the birdie whistle, clack the butterfly wings, sound an echo with the wooden wind chyme. Rub the stick along the hedgehog back, what a cacophony of musical notes! 

See and hear it in action here