June sunshine and shopping! – Tender Leaf Toys Canada
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June sunshine and shopping!

June sunshine and shopping!

June sunshine and shopping!

It’s June and the sun is finally here! Plus this week most schools in the UK are enjoying their summer half term break. Which means entertaining the little ones. So if you’re looking for some fun, free activities with the kids we have heaps here at Tender Leaf. They can be found on our blog or here on our FaceBook. And we have a new free activity this week especially for the holidays!

We all know how to play the classic memory game where you turn over the cards and find the pairs? Well we’ve upgraded it to include a shopping basket to place your pairs on! To play our memory game, grab some friends, (at least two), then print out a copy of the game for each player. Next cut out the shopping items on each page, turn them over and take turns trying to remember where the pairs are. When you find a pair, place them in your basket. The winner is the first to fill their basket! Woop!

Download here

All illustrations from this game can be found on the new Wicker Shopping Basket toy from Tender Leaf. A stylish wicker bag which lets you go shopping just like mum and dad! The hand-crafted basket contains a bar of chocolate, a bottle of lemonade, a continental salami, some cheese, a baguette in a cloth bag, three tulips and a leaf. An apple with a bite taken out of it.