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Fresh food and feeling good!

Fresh food and feeling good!

Fresh food and feeling good!

Did you know that many vegetables are fantastic to print with too? So after you’ve had your healthy snacks use any leftovers for this creative activity…

First, cut in half your fruit and vegetables. We used lime, chilli, celery and a mini tomato, but you can use anything you have in the fridge. Next, use a flat plate to mix paints onto, choosing a selection of lovely, bright colors. Then start dipping the fruit and veg into the paint and print onto test paper to see what shapes you get. From this, you will be able to choose which ones will look good on your final piece. We used our print shapes to make a flower. If you use a blank card to print onto these, we can then send them to friends and family as Christmas thank you cards!

We’ve got lots of healthy food inspiration in our pretend play collection of toys too. From little baskets of wooden fruit and vegetables to a chef’s chopping board and knife with lovely wooden pieces of food, your child can practice chopping up. Check these and lots more here:

Fruity Basket     Veggie Basket      Mini Chef Chopping Board